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George Lemaitre in 1927 proposed the expanding model of the universe, now called Big Bang Theory. Rig-Veda which has no time line of revelation, some say 10,000 Years, few state 5,000 years and the sages state it to be eternal, states its own model of the creation of the universe. I only put forward these two statements, one by the scientist and the other which is stated in Rig-Veda. It is for the scientists to decide which one is the correct model.

Big Bang Theory

Scientists have put forward “Big Bang” theory for the creation of universe. According to standard theory, our universe sprang into existence as “singularity” around 13.7 billion years ago. But no one knows where it came from or how it came into existence. The theory is based on “black holes”. Black holes are areas of intense gravitational pressure. The pressure is thought to be so intense that finite matter is actually squished into infinite density. Even light cannot escape its gravitational pull.

Scientists believe that one day the black hole will suck all the galaxies into it. Hence our universe is thought to have begun as an infinitesimally small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense, something – a singularity. What is the origin of this singularity? Where did it come from? We don’t know. Why did it appear? We don’t know.

Creation according to Rig-Veda

(The Rig-Veda mantras are taken from Sayana Bhashya published by Karnataka Govt and RL Kashyap commentary. These commentaries match with my spiritual experiences.)

According to Rig-Veda 10th Mandala 129 Sukta; in the beginning there were no galaxies, suns and planets and there was no space, wind or breath, including all other elements were absent and only water (app) was present. The space was filled with water called Primordial Ocean. Imagine the endless space filled with water. The unfathomable water's length and breadth were unimaginable.

Our mind too has these two poles and all are overpowered by demons. So we may call ourselves demons. All are demons hence there is no superior or inferior. The Supreme Lord is present within us but He just watches our activities without interfering. Therefore, our body is called The House of Demons by Rig-Veda.

This Primordial Ocean is called Salila in Sanskrit and in scientific term it may be called as forceless or energy less sub atomic particles. There were two kinds of water in the Primordial Ocean. One is called Sweet Ocean and the other is called Salt & Bitter Ocean. In scientific terms it may be called as Ocean of Matter and Ocean of Anti-Matter.

The Gods (Devatas or called Angels by other religions) are present in Sweet Ocean and the Demons (Asuras or called Satan and his fellow brothers) are present in the Salt & Bitter Ocean. But there is a barrier between the two Oceans, so that both of them are separate and does not mix with each other. That means, in the womb of Vayu/Breath was present Primordial Ocean. Let us understand how the will of the Supreme Lord works and orders the creation.

"As soon as born, he is the first to have mind. He surrounded the Gods with effective will-force. By his impulsion both heaven and earth tremble with fear. He is repository of all manly powers. O men that is the (God) Indra." (2-12-1 RL Kashyap)

Indra surrounds the Gods and Sweet Ocean with effective will-force. Hence when Indra thinks of creation then Gods carry out the creation. Heaven and earth tremble with fear because their existence depends on the will of Indra.

To give an example, microcosm is the replica of macrocosm. Our body is also made of Primordial Ocean and Gods are present within us. When we are thirsty, we think of water and the body automatically takes a glass of water and drinks it. Creation and destruction by Indra are similar to it.

Now let us understand how Adityas (Mitra, Varuna, Aryama, Bhaga and Ansha) carryout the thinking of Indra. Adityas take multi births (N number of forms) throughout the Sweet Ocean and gather Sweet Ocean with their hands and turns the water into a lake. They create n number of lakes. Rig-Veda calls the lakes as Sacred Lake. The Primordial Ocean is compressed to 1/4th of the size. For example 100 liters of water is compressed to 25 liters size. How did I come to this conclusion?

Purusha Sukta states:

"Such is his greatness, and Purusha is greater than this; all beings are one fourth of him; his other three fourth (being) immortal (abide) in heaven." (10-90-3 SB)

"Three fourth of Purusha ascended; the other fourth that remained in this world proceeds repeatedly and, diversified in various forms, went to all animate and inanimate creation." (10-90-4 SB)

From this we can conclude that Primordial Ocean in the body of Purusha (He is also called Cosmic Man or Universal Man) is compressed to one fourth by Adityas into galaxies, suns, planets and all species and other three fourth is Dyu Loka and Anthariksha Loka (heavens). The species are also created by Primordial Ocean and all Gods are present in it. Hence the physical body is called 'microcosm is the replica of macrocosm'.

Adityas make the lakes spin and swirl along with Vayu/Breath surrounding Sweet Ocean. Sweet Ocean and Vayu/Breath produce intense radiation. Mitra and Varuna interact and turn the lake into a fire ball. Agni manifest within the Sweet Ocean.

"The Gods Varuna, Mitra and Aryama, kindle you (Agni/ Fire), their ancient messenger; the man who has offered you oblations get through you great wealth." (1-46-4 SB)

Thereafter, the effulgence of Mitra, Varuna, Aryama, Bhaga and Ansha Devatas cover the fire ball like a cloud and the fire ball (Agni) radiate like Sun. So Agni (fire) and the effulgence of Adityas produce the Sun. Within this effulgence manifest Savitr called Prajapati (or Lord of all species). First galaxies are produced and from this billions of suns are produced. Adityas also create all species. This is the glory of Adityas.

Let us see some of the mantras of Rig-Veda which proves the creation by Gods.

"O Gods (Adityas), you stood-firm there in the flood, each linked-with-other. There as it were from the feet of dancers, arose a sharp and intense radiation." (10-72-6 SB)

(The rivers of Sweet Ocean are flowing upward due to chakras created by Kundalini Mothers. Adityas compressed the water like a ball)

"When, Gods, you filled the world (with your radiance) as clouds, then you brought forth the Sun hidden in the ocean." (10-72-7 SB)

(After the manifestation of fire ball, Adityas radiance covered it like clouds)

"By the Truth is veiled that ever standing Truth of yours. Where they unyoke the horses of the Sun. There the ten hundreds stand still together. That one, the greatest of the embodied Gods. I have beheld." (5-62-1RLK)

(It seems the mantra is speaking about galaxies where billions of suns are produce.)

"When the adorable Gods placed him (Agni) and Sun, the son of Aditi, in heaven; when the swift moving pair (Sun and Agni) appeared, then all beings beheld them." (10-88-11 SB)

“He (Sun) it is, amongst Gods (the most divine), amongst (pious) works the most pious, who gave birth to the all-delighting heaven and earth; who measured them both, and, for the sake of holy rites, propped them up with undecaying pillars." (1-160-4 SB)

"Illuminating the whole (world) with your radiance, you (Sun) have attained the luminous region of heaven (Dyu), by which (radiance) animating all pious acts and addressed to the universal Gods. All living beings cherished (in all these worlds)” (10-170-4 SB)


When Gods covered the fire ball with their radiance, Savitr or Savitri (called Elohim by Jews) manifested within this radiance. The word Savitr means "The Impeller". Savitr urges Gods to take part in creation of all living beings. Therefore Savitr is called Prajapati (The Lord of all beings). Our physical body is the gift of Sun-Savitr and Gods. Therefore if we commit any sin or good deeds, they punish or reward us for our acts.

"Savitri has fixed the earth with fetters; Savitri has made the heaven (Dyu Loka) firm in a place where there was no support; Savitri has milked the cloud of the firmament (Anthariksha Loka) bound to the indestructible (ether) like a trembling horse." (10-149-1 SB)

"The divine (Savitri) fills (with radiance) the celestial and terrestrial regions and boasts of his own function; Savitri puts forth his arms for (the work of) production (of life forms on earth) regulating the world, and animating with light." (4-53-3 SB)

"The divine Savitri unrestrained, illumining the regions, protects the righteous act (of men); he extends his arms for (the direction of) the people of the earth; observer of obligations, he rules over the world." (4-53-4 SB)

"The wise Savitri comprehends all forms (in himself); he has engendered what is good for biped and quadruped; the adorable Savitri has illumined the heaven and shines in sequence to the passage of the dawn." (5-81-2 SB)

"You alone rules over living beings; you are Pushan divine Savitri, by your movements; you are sovereign over the whole world; Shyavashwa (sage) offers praise, Savitri to you." (5-81-5 SB)

The seven heavens, Physical world and all species are ruled by Sun-Savitri.

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